30 years of photos

The United Food Operation program has operated with many different people and from quite a few locations over the past 30 years. When you require donated warehouse space, you sometimes have to take what you can get. These photos show some of the volunteer workers and warehouses of the past.

The early 1990s. Volunteers load up the pallets, one each week for each food pantry.
About 1992. UFO volunteers restock the warehouse.

Bob Wise was an early and strong supporter of United Food Operation. The photos below show UFO volunteer Bob Wise from the 1980s and then as Governor Bob Wise in 2001.

Bob Wise with United Food Operation
Congressman Bob Wise (in the United Way T-shirt) volunteers for United Food Operation in the early days of the program.
Gov Bob Wise with UFO volunteers
For winning a Presidential Daily Point of Light Award, Governor Bob Wise honors the United Food Operation and its volunteers at the WV Governor’s Office (2001).

Making food distributions in Kanawha and Putnam counties of West Virginia since its founding in June 1981.